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What to do in case of orthodontic emergencies

A soft device such as a pencil eraser can be used to push the wire back in place. If the discomfort continues, place dental wax over the wire and set up an appointment with us.

If you have a dental emergency, call us

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Orthodontic Emergencies

Poking wire

Loose bracket

There are a few routes to take with this issue. If the bracket is just loose but still attached to the tooth, leave it as is and place dental wax on it. If it has come off completely, contact us and put it in a safe place until you can bring it to us for


Loose wire

A device like tweezers can help you put the wire back where it needs to be. After you have put the wire back in place put wax over it. If you have tried this system and it did not work, use a device like a nail clipper to cut the wire behind the last tooth that it is still fastened to and contact us for replacement.

Loose appliance

If there is anything in your mouth that is poking you or causing you pain, cover it with dental wax and contact us for an appointment.

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