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In light of recent developments with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the flu and other illnesses going around, all Pearly Whites locations will be closed until 4/30/20. After that, our team will reassess the situation and reach out with an update. Patient safety is our primary concern, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation as our nation works through this situation.

We will continue to closely monitor the NJ Department of Health, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and will continue to adhere to the best practices which they recommend.

Please call your local Pearly Whites practice if you have additional questions or for information on how to schedule emergency dental care at this time. Thank you again for understanding.

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Don’t let life wear you…or your teeth down!

Stress, it is more than uncomfortable, it is downright detrimental to your health and well-being.

Stress is something we have all experienced in one way or another. Whether the source be emotional or physical, the effects on the body can be quite dangerous in the long term. As dentists, we can see signs of stress in your mouth before you even know you are feeling it!

Teeth grinding is a very common side effect of stress and anxiety. Clenching your teeth while you sleep or sliding them back and forth against each other is a very common manifestation of bigger emotional issues which you may be carrying. Without treatment, persistent grinding can potentially lead to: sleep disorders, headaches, jaw pain, broken or chipped teeth, and even be the catalyst for TMJ disorder. 

So, know that we have discussed the potential dangers of stress, here are some pointers on how to maintain your oral health why you are feeling stressed out! One of the best ways to fight the negative effects of stress is to remove the source of stress. If that’s not possible, counseling, exercise such as yoga or jogging, relaxation or meditation or even massage and physical therapy may help reduce your tension.

Depending on your symptoms, we can also recommend specific treatments. For example, if you have bruxism, we can fit you with a mouth guard to protect your teeth during sleep. For TMD, we may suggest some adjustment, including orthodontic treatment, to correct teeth alignment that may be magnifying orofacial pain. No matter what you’re going through It’s also important to continue to practice good oral hygiene. Let us help ease your stress- call us today to set up your appointment.

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