‘Tis The Season For Straight Teeth

Transform Your Smile For Just $175/Month!*

*total cost of treatment is 3,800.


At $3,800, Pearly Whites aligners are less expensive than leading competitors, which can cost upwards of $5,500. You can receive your Pearly Whites clear aligners for just $175/Month!

Doctor Oversight

At home aligner companies lack on site medical personnel and can only assist with issues remotely. Pearly Whites provides patients with direct access to licensed doctors, allowing them to address all concerns and undergo additional corrective procedures as needed.


Some aligner programs require you to adjust your schedule to accommodate mandatory check ups and tray fittings. Pearly Whites may provide your trays up front, allowing you to schedule fewer and more convenient appointments only as needed.


Pearly Whites uses a top of the line thermoplastic material Zendura® for all of its aligners. This material is stronger and clearer than all other clear aligners on the market.

Some at home aligner services manufacture trays without consulting patient X-rays or dental records. This leaves patients vulnerable to complications and can result in additional medical expenses and a delayed treatment timeline.

Our medical professionals carefully examine and clear each patient before beginning a teeth straightening procedure to ensure a seamless orthodontic experience.

High Quality Amenities

Each Pearly Whites office comes equipped with TV's and Netflix to provide a more enjoyable dental experience.


We work with a large volume of insurance providers, including Metlife, Empire and Aetna.


We cater to patients of all ages, allowing grandpa, dad and junior to undergo an alignment at one convenient location!

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Pearly Whites is a full service dental practice featuring some of the areas most esteemed doctors and specialists.

Our dental professionals are graduates of several prestigious dental programs, including NYU and Columbia, and have garnered numerous accolades for their work, including New Jersey Family Magazine’s best orthodontist award and New Jersey Magazine’s top dentist honors.​

Pearly Whites Locations

  • *Total treatment price: $3,800
  • Interest-Free Payment Plan:
  • $1,000 down payment
  • 16 monthly payments of $175

Once you finish wrapping those presents for your loved ones, treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving: A perfect smile courtesy of Pearly Whites!


“I had a great experience at Pearly whites. There Team was very friendly ,Professional and knowledgeable .Thank you for your great service and making me feel so comfortable throughout my wisdom teeth procedure. I highly recommend this place”- Jamal K.


“I was treated so well, so kindly by all. The dentist was very professional and the hygienist, Tiffany, is amazing.”- Karen M.


“Entire staff was friendly and helpful. Level of care and treatment far surpasses what I have received from my last dental office. I was given a hot pack for my neck and a massage chair while receiving my cleaning” – Ramona C.

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